“How do you know when you’re making history?”

That’s the question I asked Owetta McNeil when I sat down with her and our first group of Community Ambassadors, the Central Denver doTerra Essential Oil Independent Product Consultants, on Sunday, January 12, 2013. But should that happen, isn’t it perfect that Miss Owetta became member number one. A beautiful woman from which to grow a beautiful community!

Without further ado, please join me in offering a warm and hearty welcome to The Garden’s founding members and ambassadors.

Want to make history with us? Join today.

Pioneer Members

Video/pic Colorado Pirate Miners, Kris Meese –
the first community gold panning collaborative
MoBettaGreen Farmers Market, Beverly Grant
integris food for all
Renegade Foods, Carrie Rupp
local, ethical food that rocks
Sunshine Food Project
building sustainable food systems in NE Denver food deserts
John Olander, Juice Plus
promoting health-based youth employment and college funding opportunities
Red Roux, Nik McDonald


Community Ambassadors

Videos/pics doTerra Essential Oils, Central Denver Independent Product Consultants
Insight Seminars, Susan Schultz
Taking Neighborhood Health to Heart, Lashonn Billingsley
Mental Health Center of Denver, Darcie Ezell
Solo Survivors, Tracy Maxwell